Stunning Rhinestone Nail Art Designs To Try Out

Are you bored with your old boring nail arts? You are at the right place indeed. Here you can get many tips and suggestions to use rhinestones on your nails. The nail art is the easiest task to be done with. It requires your creativity and nothing else.

Everyone is creative! You can mould your creativity into the tangible form in the form of nail art. Use any plain base and then use stickers or anything. A simple manicure can be transformed into something more appealing by adding a speck of your creativity. It is not difficult these days to get a perfect result of your creativeness as there are too many things to stick over the plain base either its a lighter one or the dull faded!

Rhinestone nail art designs are most famous and prevalent these days. Following are some ideas about how you can get the stunning rhinestone art on your nails. Rhinestone nail arts suits the best on the Christmas or the prom. On promenade, you can carry the pure red nail art with the silver rhinestones. You can use a combination of black and nude on the farewell too! Scroll down to get some more ideas and suggestions about your nail’s beauty.

Black Rhinestone Art

You can try matte black on your nails with the use of rhinestones. They are easily obtainable. These stones are available and suits everyone! If you have squat nails, try this combination to give your hands a chic look.


Spooky Halloween Art

If you desire to give your hands a spooky yet elegant appearance on Halloween, you can endeavor this art having a black cross. You can try orange instead of blue with the black rhinestones.

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Floral Design

Floral Stickers are obtainable easily. You just ought to have a nice way to use them on your nails with the rhinestone. Try nude as the basic cutex and stick florals exquisitely. Use golden stones at the bottom in diagonal. You are done with the best art.


Gold Studded

Endeavor black with the golden studs all over. Make sure to stick the stones neatly. This suits mostly on the nail with edged ends. You can also use it on the curved ones as this one looks appealing on every shape but mostly on the edged one.


Lace Rhinestone

If you are wearing a lace bridesmaid dress, you can try this design to make yourself the perfect bridesmaid. A lace black and skin dress will look enhanced with the black and nude lace styled nail art.


Blue and White Studded Art

Use pallid as the basic one and then use light blue stones as the stickers. It will make your hands attractive. Also, use golden as the stones. You can carry it with the blue and white organza maxi.

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Matte Stiletto

Matte Stiletto nude nail paint will give you a good print it have on your nails. Use a minimum amount of black rhinestones at the top. You can endeavor it with a long nude maxi with black crop top.


Magenta Minimal Art

A magenta nail paint with a silver glitter gel will appear the best combination. Use a minimal amount of silver rhinestone. If you have a magenta outfit, you can try this art with a minimal amount of sticker stones.


Nude Rhinestone Art

If you have a nude paint you can try this highly studded design. You can choose this way to use the stones. Its not overly studded but in an elegant way. Try this one with the light shaded apparels.

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Pink Stripes Rhinestone Art

A striped design will look unique. Try white and nude with the pink stones and bows. Try shiny and sparkling stones on the nails. Stick the stickers in the way as following.


Pretty Nude

Use elegant nude prints with the golden and silver studs. This can give your hands a unique and mesmerizing appearance. Try invisible top coat as the covering and you are done with the best one.


Purple Rhinestone Design

Try purple or mauve if you have a purple outfit to wear. You can try silver shining studs as the stickers above. You can change the combination with golden and silver as a modification in the idea.


Red and Silver Art

If you have a pure red or maroon apparel to wear, you can endeavor this combination of rhinestones and maroon nail paint. Try the following to get the merged print. This one will appear best with the promenade long dresses.


Silver Rhinestone Art

Silver Rhinestones will look striking with the mauve paint and will suit with the light shaded long lace outfits. Use it with the golden print. Limit large studs to only one nail to give a beautiful and elegant effect.


Vampire Rhinestone Nail Art

Vampire print is composed of golden and grey and it appears awesome with the long grey lace and organza dress. You can choose silver instead of golden. You are done with one of the best rhinestone nail art designs.