Sabyasachi Mukherjee Saree Collection for Weddings and Parties

Fancy, trendy, classy, glamorous, endearing, all these attributes combine to give a Sabyasachi saree. Sabyasachi Mukherjee – An Indian dress designer who is the most prominent in saree merchandise. South Asian dresses are eye catching and diverse. Lehengas, Cholis, Anarkali Frocks, Shararas have their charm, but the most fascinating is saree among all these dresses. A saree can be carried by everyone of every age, complexion and size. It can be of any color. Sarees can be of dull as well as of bright colors. Sabyasachi Mukherjee, the most prominent Indian dress designer, added some Bengali touch to Indian traditional dress, i.e., saree. These sarees reached every corner of the globe due to their prominence in all the brands of sarees in India. The Sabyasachi sarees are readily obtainable at fashion boutiques. He is best known for his designs of sarees for Indian celebrities.

Indeed, these sarees are a treat to wear. If you fancy to look beautiful, go for selecting these sarees. They suit everyone. You can not get these reasonable and beautiful sarees from any other designer. Nearly everyone in India wears this designer sarees. Sabyasachi Mukharjee saree collection for weddings and parties are affordable and mesmerizing.

You can wear them as a party wear as well as the bridal wear. Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s signature is a saree, so if you want to get a Sabyasachi outfit, then proceed to get one. He designs various sarees. You can wear his sarees for summers as well as for winters. Additionally, you will feel a quality difference in stuff and material of these sarees.

So, if you have a party or a wedding function ahead, and you want to look stunning, then scroll down to get some useful ideas about your outfit. You will look remarkable after wearing a Sabyasachi saree. Because when it comes to designer sarees, Sabyasachi Sarees are best to carry.

Most Alluring Designer Sabyasachi Sarees that will Blow your Mind

This pink neatly embroidered Indian traditional dress by Mukherjee has an ability to suit nearly everyone. You can carry it to any event whether you want to look formal or informal. It’s black blouse with beaded needlework can give you the look that is different from others. You can wear Kundan earrings with this beautiful attire to look just incredible.


Saree is a conventional attire for the women in India; Sabyasachi gratified this tradition by his creativity. This outfit you see below is the best example of this statement. He added a golden glittery touch to the traditional black same and made it appealing.


In this style, you can see how the designer added glam to an ordinary silk saree by his inventiveness. He added the magic of fancy lace work at the bottom. Every woman will feel it comfortable to fit in this apparel because it can be worn as formal or informal attire.

fancy silk saree with lace by sabyasachi

You can see his splendor to a common green trend. The outfit you see is an amalgamation of a lehenga and saree, so you can wear for any occasion whether it’s a Wedding, Diwali or Navratni.

green and white lehenga saree by sabyasachi

The saree can be glamorous, but this is beyond just being sensational and thrilling. It’s opened back simple jersey blouse with long sleeves can make everyone stare at you. You can put on this alluring outfit to become different.

red and green silk saree by sabyasachi

Abstemious, beautiful, alluring, glamorous, this display says it all. This highly embroidered apparel will let you be decent and graceful. It will give you a magical look indeed.


No one knew a simple velvet saree can look such glamorous and heart winning. Sabyasachi added his magic to a mainstream velvet wear and converted it into a fantastic and fancy apparel. He evolved sharara into this beautiful and splendid desirable ensemble.


The three toned attire is a splendor upon sights. The designer just put this fact in his sarees. The gold, pink and black will give you an impish and sassy appearance.


Blue and copper is the most diverse combination in sarees. You can easily wear this beautiful combination of a Sabyasachi saree. It will prove the ideal Sabyasachi saree.


There is one more masterpiece by Sabyasachi Mukherjee. This dark red fully embroidered and fancy apparel will give you a queen appearance. So, if you want to be a show stopper, then go for this one.

fancy red embroidered saree by sabyasachi

This muddy green wholly decorated Sabyasachi saree is one of the preeminent outfits by the particular designer. You can carry any hairstyle with this apparel as it seems attention-grabbing.


Go modest by wearing this ideal Sabyasachi saree. It will prove to be the most gripping among all the apparels. Mix and match of blue and green will stun you. Also, it will give you the traditional appearance.

blue and green simple sabyasachi saree

It’s the real and mesmerizing shade of gray everyone desires. The way designer managed to design this traditional ensemble is substantial. Use of net and lace gave an entirely new form of saree.

gray fancy saree with lace by sabyasachi

If you are in love with your traditions, select this highly conventional saree to wear. It can be formal and also informal.


This street style perfect Sabyasachi saree will make you fascinating. Color yourself yellow if you aspire to wear this outfit in spring.


You will look elegant and dazzling if you pick any idea about Sabyasachi outfits. Select any idea from the mentioned ideas and enjoy your catchy appearance. So, stand above the salt and wear Sabyasachi sarees! For more, stay tuned to the blog.