How to Wear Combat Boots with Leggings, Skirts & Jeans

Hey fashionistas, do you want to know, how to wear combat boots with leggings, skirts and jeans? Well gone is the time when you couldn’t search about different dresses worn with combat boots. Long boots are my all time favorites, so I’ll suggest some ways to help you choose your stuff, according to the event or place where you’re planning to go.

Combat boots may be a bit short or longer. Choosing the right color and right dress will add a plus to your appearance. Glamour requires perfect dressing sense with perfection in makeup choices and decisions regarding wearable accessories.

In summers, usually tops are worn with mini skirts and thin leggings. So, wearing lighter shades of combat shoes might give you a fresh look in daylight. Some women prefer shorter combat shoes over long ones. Usually, lighter makeups are worn during the daytime. You might want to go to a daytime party, or a friends get-together, or a trip along with your lover, or a movie with him, or a picnic party with your family and relatives. Although nights are also enjoyable in summers, and you get more time to enjoy outings than in winters, fashionistas never think of wasting a second out of their precious enjoyable time. So, be what you are and wear what you want, to look outstanding in the crowd.

For day events or plans, wearing thinner tops of lighter shades with light colored shorts or mini skirts is preferred in summers. For winters, choose a printed pair of chinos or jeans, along with a top and a jacket or overcoat.

Best Ideas & Styles to Wear the Right Shade of Combat Boots

Here are some styles, which might guide you to wear the wardrobe of your choice with the right shade of combat shoes.

If you want to go leather in winters, go black and wear a black leather jacket to give you a stunning casual look. Wearing smoky makeup will give you a classic, and trendy look.

If you are not worried about shorts or mini skirts even in winters, then this is the right choice for you. Go more trendy by adding additional outfits to your collection of wearables. Black boots are all times favorite of mine. Wearing a hat will also give you a sweet 16 look.

If you want to give yourself a decent casual look, then your thing to wear might be wearing a longer top with printed tights. Wearing black or dark maroon combat shoes might help you a lot. Usually, leggings are avoided with tights, skinnies, jeans and chinos.

Wearing lighter shades of top wear with black jeans is always a noticeable casual outfit. With pointed combat boots and a nice jacket, you can give a hot classy look. Wearing a maroon or black hat will give you a beautiful casual look too.

Another example is wearing a lighter shade of top wear with a light blue denim jacket, black chinos and rough and tough combat boots. Wearing a winter woolen cap also gives you a sweet sixteen look.

If wearing a jacket is not your thing always, then you can choose any top with a pair of blue denim jeans and black combat boots with heels. Wearing a knitted wear will also give you a trendy look. It is always suggested to wear goggles when you want to look hot in the daylight, plus these protect your eyes from sun rays.

Wearing skirt blouse with combat boots is always cute but never ignore choosing frocks either because boots also look cool with mini frocks. Wearing a darker jacket contrasting with your frock and matching boots with jacket show your sense of elegance.

If you want to go all leather, then black is the best choice for you. Not only that it shows a hot glamorous look, but it also looks elegant. Black boots will enhance your outlook.

Choosing printed combat boots is also an option when you want to show diversity in your dress code. Wear a lighter tone woolen cap. A nice pair of goggles and a pair of leather or denim black chinos might also workout. A check printed brighter tone shirt wrapped around your waist and a nice black leather jacket might also give you a different sweet sixteen look.

If you want to give a brighter look to yourself, then wearing a casual check boxes shirt with another top is always a good choice. Wear them with tights or long leggings of your choice and combat boots matching with your tights. If you hate wearing a hat or a cap, you can wear a half woolen cap with a nice pair of casual transparent glass spectacles.

If you want to look hot, go with shorts and a sleeveless top with a printed jacket and a pair of long thin leggings with black combat boots. Wearing a cap of your choice is another option.

If you want to give yourself a classy all leather look, then it’s suggested to go all black. Wear a long coat of your choice and bigger goggles with black shades are an additional option.

If the weather is a bit hot outside and the day is a fortunate cloudy and windy day, then wearing a gray thin casual shirt with a top and black denim is always a cool choice to make. Wearing long combat boots gives you an edge over others.

Wearing white chinos with black casual combat boots and a blackish textured woolen jacket gives you another trendy look. Wearing a matching hat or woolen cap with jacket and boots make you look gorgeous.

Summers can always be perfect with mini skirts and printed t-shirts of your choice. Wear leggings and wear contrasting combat boots to look hot and sexy.

Wearing a jumpsuit with a light toned jacket and dark brown combat boots gives you an elegant perspective. You can choose scarves of your choice with a white jumpsuit.

Going out with dark skirt and jacket of the contrasting tone is another option. Wear casual boots with your outfit. A black or darker shaded top will give you a sharp look.

Depending on regions, your choices might differ. Some places have mild summers, and some have hot summers. Some places have mild winters, and some have a noticeable cold. If you are a fashionista, wear whatever you like and be special in whatever you wear, no matter whether people notice you or not because when you love yourself, then people will start loving you too.