How to Fill in Your Eyebrows Professionally

Do you want to apply fresh styles to your eyebrow hair, to give yourself a different look every time? Well now using different techniques is no more difficult and you can learn, how to fill in your eyebrows professionally to look natural. All you need is a set of some nice tips that might give you insight about eyebrows filling.

Choose as many colors as you like and enjoy a newer look every time. Your changed looks help you show a different aspect of personality every time, and you can choose the contrasting outfits every time. Applying different hairstyles will also give you a sexy look, and you will be able to get attention from your fans, friends and family.

No matter what event it is if you want to have a beautiful change visible in you whenever you want, you can go for eyebrows filling. The more variety you use in eyebrow filling paints, the more you will be able to catch the attention of fashion trend followers. Explore new fashion trends every time and choose the styles according to your needs.

Best Methods and Ideas to Fill in Eyebrows Like a Pro

Based on your events, you can choose the right methods for you, that would give you another perspective in terms of your personality. Here’s how you can be a pro within few minutes, rather than waiting for an appointment from a beautician. Trust me, you’ll not need to worry anymore from now on, because here are some methods to help you keep your planning organized.

Its totally up to you that you would go for which color to fill your brows. Usually black and dark brown eyebrow fillers look great with red lipstick.


You can also give slightly different shape from your eyebrow filler, especially when you are wearing light colors. Being hot is never a crime and you surely deserve to express your beauty to the world.


Black eyebrow filler also looks sweet with Matt blood red lipstick. It gives you a crisp look. Go for it when your mood is in full swing. You can also check out awesome makeup ideas for green eyes.


You can also apply dark makeup with eyebrow filler and eye makeup for night events, especially when you are wearing dark color outfits, which give you an elegant look.


Light brown or skin color eyebrow filler looks decent with light blush on and light pink lipstick. Go for it with light colors in your outfit.


If you want to give outline to your eye hair, initially draw a line below your brow. Then draw another line above your brow hair and join it with previous line. Give the edgy shape to have neatness. The next step is to fill your eye hair with your desired color. Fill in any missing spots that are left previously.

eyebrow filling method

You can fill in your eye hair by mascara brush too. In that way, you can shape your brows according to your desire. A lot of colors are available in mascara. If you want to make your brow hair prominent, then color them with black shade. Draw a line which should be thinner from one end and wider from the other end, over your eye. Extend the line from the edge of eye and produce it over the bulgy area. Extend the shading from the edges and fill in the blank area with light golden eye shade.


The area starting from your eye hair till the edge of nose is your no tweeze zone. You can apply as many makeup items in this zone, as you like. Also, check out the best eyeliner styles for big eyes.


Black eyebrow filler also looks hot with dark color lipsticks and smokey makeup. Wear it when you want to go to a formal event.

black eyebrow filler with dark lipstick

If you have black brow hair, but there are a lot of spaces between the hair, then you can use brow filling pencil to fill in the gaps. The pencil also helps you keep your eyebrow hair steady and settled down.

A lot of brow fillers are available which help you cover the gaps that you don’t want others to see. You can match the eyebrow filler according to the most frequently used color in your entire attire.


If you have thinner brow hair, you can apply the eyebrow filler to highlight your face. Stand out in the crowd with these methods and start loving yourself every day. Fashion trends change every now and then but basics remain the same. So, even if so many fashion styles become outdated and newer ones come, the eyebrow designing and filling will still remain the core essence.

before and after eyebrow filler