Easy Step By Step Hairstyle Tutorials For Medium Length Hair

If you have medium hair, do not plaster it for years and years down to get elongated one! You can style it even if it is shorter to your shoulder. Having a medium length hair is amusing because you can open it or can make a bun or a ponytail! Nowadays, styling your hair is not an inflexible job. You can easily style it up in the form of a braid or a bun or simple curls. In this article, there is some easy step by step hairstyle tutorials for medium length hair, and you will take pleasure in making! When you are going out for some juncture revelry, social gathering or a wedding ceremonial, the initial thing that strikes your mind is to have an incredible hairstyle. If your tresses are of medium length, there is nothing to be troubled; you can style it the way you desire. Medium length can be made alluring and appealing when you merely straight or curl.

You can get a variety of ideas about your hairstyle that will make you alluring. Mid-length is very multipurpose for the reason that it can give you the enviable appearance. Mid-cut seems impressive if you carry them with a boyfriend jean and funky top, a long cocktail dress, etc. As you have a medium length, it can be promptly and hurriedly styled into the way you aspire. Scroll down to have some suggestions about medium hair designs and take pleasure in your innovative, chic look.

Simple Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair – Step by Step Tutorials with Pictures

If you are a braid lover, and you desire to look stunning, try this mesmerizing waterfall braid tutorial. Section your locks just like you do in making a braid. This style is not much time-consuming, and you can create it with a bit of concentration.

waterfall braid hairstyle tutorial step by step

Try this mesmerizing bow hairstyle tutorial. This hairstyle doesn’t take much of your time, and you can style it quickly with little attention. It’s a trouble-free task to make a bow of your hair. Make a ponytail and section it in two. Catch the layer from middle and tie!

bow hairstyle tutorial step by step

Make this loose French Braid without the use of any hair accessory. This method costs nothing yet gives you a flawless hairstyle in your medium length hair! Hold, twist some of it and pin up at the right side. Repeat the technique again and again and your style is ready.

braid hairstyle tutorial step by step

If you have short fuzzy locks, you can turn it in the form of a messy bun. Just only by the use of few pins and a band. This bun seems marvelous and alluring if you have a round face cut! Make a pony and invert the remaining part inside the band. Pin it up and a perfect style is ready.

messy bun tutorial step by step

If you have medium but straight locks, you can make a fishtail braid. It looks stunning and alluring in your mid-length! You only need a pointed comb and a band with you, and this amusing style is ready. Do partition it and start to twist thin layers side by side. Repeat the method to get a neat fishtail.

fishtail-braid-tutorial step by step

You can style a low French braid bun in thin, medium length hair. You can give yourself a stunning appearance by trying this easy tutorial. Make a french braid, loosen it with the help of thumb, twist the plait and its done!

low french braid bun step by step tutorial

Having thick straight locks is a blessing! It becomes a pleasure when they are mid-length. Try this half fishtail with a pony! You will appear remarkable when you try this simple style. Partition it and start taking layers to opposite ends. Tie a band in the middle and slacken your braid.

half fishtail with pony step by step tutorial

With your medium length hair, you can endeavor this striking hairstyle. Just make three braids and combine them with following techniques to get the princess appearance. Slack the plait off to give the perfect look.

messy-braid-tutorial step by step

If you desire plaited hairstyle, try this one to give yourself an alluring and enchanting appearance. If you have straight hair, this will be a comfortable task to do. Start making braid from the front and proceed it to left or right side. End up with a side fishtail.

side-braid-with fishtail step by step tutorial

Having straight hair is a big pleasure. But it becomes more fun when you know how to mold them into a gratifying style in your straight medium length hair. Divide it, twist it, tie a band, move the pony inward and slacken it!!

simple-bun-tutorial step by step

If you have a bob cut, go for simple curls. Then make side twist to boost the look. You can wear this hair design on any occasion as it is suitable for everyone to carry. You need spray and edged comb. Curl the locks, twist from both the sides and pin up!


Attempt this simple hairdo with a ponytail. It will not consume your time and give you a splendor. Only things you need are pins and bands. Divide your locks, put one part vertically upward, twist remaining, backcomb and make a high puff!

easy hairdo tutorial step by step

You can try the following twisted design with an interweaving of your hair. You can do it with simple pins. It’s very easy to make in medium length hair. Give finishing with the spray.

twisted-bun tutorial step by step

Get this thrilling design with only a band. Section it with hands and you are ready to stun. Interweave it and put aside! Pin it up and let the remaining opened.


Section your hair in the following manner and make two braids! Pin both to the opposite ends. Slack it to get a chaotic yet compelling look. Try this style many times as it requires a lot of practice to get the accurate one!

two braid hairstyle tutorial step by step

You can try all these designs to get the snappy and gorgeous appearance. You can also proceed for some innovations and amalgamate the styles with your ideas. Select any style and try it many times to get mastery and command in making perfect and flawless hairstyles. The most classic looking styles are braided! You can use braids in various styles! You can roll them in the form of a pony or chaotic buns. You can roll them over your head and many more. Stay tuned for more hairstyle updates!!