15 Super Easy Hairdos for Long Hair to Do at Home

The girl’s whole beauty is reflected through her hairstyle. The hairstyle defines one’s personality. If you have a party ahead, the first thing that strikes your mind is hairdo. In this era of technology styling, your hair is nothing such difficult. You can straighten it or can go for a blow dry simply.

Are you tired of old styling methods and desire something new? Give a look to this article and gather some useful tips about hairstyling. It’s not a big deal to style your hair up nowadays as we have many new methods of styling. If you have coiled locks, you can go for a high up do!

Long hair has its charm that is not deniable! It’s always in the trend as it can be transformed into any uncommon style. With your long locks, you can conquer hearts by making different, beautiful and chic styles out of them. You can make ponytails in summers; you can proceed to have high buns too. In winters, you can go for a braided hairstyle for your long hair! It is the treasure to have indeed.

Try the following hairdos for your perfect appearance and be the sight-grabbing among all your friends. Scroll down to get 15 super easy hairdos for long hair that you can do at home by yourself.

Braided Ponytail

Braids are the most trendy and beautiful styles to have on. All you need to do is to blow dry your hair and to make two normal braids at the forehead portion. Take the braids above the head towards the back and tie a pony. Slacken the braids with the help of the pointed comb. A Perfect hairdo for long hair is ready!

braided pony tail for long hair

Bubbled Braid

Thick long hair is a treasure to have. If you are blessed with this particular hair type, try the bubble braids out. It will be a pleasure to carry this hairstyle on party eve as it appears beautiful with every dress. You can carry it with a long maxi and also with the casual red t-shirt! It’s one of the cute hairdos for thick long hair.

bubble braid for long hair

Double Braided Hairstyle

If you have long wavy locks, its a blessing you are possessed with! You can easily try it out on any juncture as it demands no hours and hours in its styling! Try this one by making braids at both sides of the head. Leave the remaining open and a perfect, flawless hairdo for long curly hair is ready!

double braided hairstyle for long hair

Hair Bun

Buns are mainstream yet mesmerizing to carry if they are neatly made. You can neatly make a bun out using the following procedure. You just have to style a ponytail and then twist all the locks inside to make a bun. End up wrapping a scarf to give yourself a perfect look!

easy hairbun for long hair

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid appears beautiful and appealing on every dress and it suits everyone. Fishtail pleated locks are the most neat and attractive among all the hairdos for long hair. You can easily style a fishtail braid. As an amendment in the idea, you can use the fishtail to make a bun.

fishtail braid for long hair

High Updo

A high up-do is something that doesn’t necessitate any long efforts and time. You can simply use bumps that are easily obtainable in market. Or you can go for a back combing as it appears chic. Curl the remaining locks and the unblemished hairdo for long hair is ready!

high updo with open wavy hair

Messy Hairdo with Puff

You can style a messy hairdo if you are supposed to attend a farewell party or a promenade! You don’t need any back combing for the purpose as it appears gorgeous without any bump or a back combing. All you need is to low dry your hair perfectly. Try this one as it’s the most easiest of all yet looks appealing.

high updo with wavy hair

Messy Ponytail

Did you know, you can give a totally new look to your simple ponytail? Yeah! it’s easy! You can give a slight back combing at the back of your head and then make the lowered ponytail! The perfect hairdo for long thin hair is ready to make you stun.

messy pony tail with slight updo

Messy Updo

Use artificial bumps for the purpose as it appears striking with the help of bumpies. If you have streaked locks, this one will suit you the best. You don’t need a long time to spend on this one. Make a updo and leave remaining hair at the side. You are done with the amazing hairdo.

messy updo in long wavy hair

Half Updo

Put half of your hair and do an intense back combing. Tie it all and the perfect hairdo is ready. You can give it a glossy appearance by using the hair-sprays and hair-gels. Blow dry as the finishing.

romantic messy half updo hairdo for long hiar

Side Braid

Straighten all of your locks and take at the side either on the left or on the right. Now make the tight plait at the other end by joining it with the hair at other side. The best hairdo is ready to be carried on a prom or on a school party.

side braid for long hair

Simple Plaits

You can give yourself a graceful appearance by styling simple plaits. Pin up the forehead locks and one of the best style is all set. End up by sprinkling the spray to give yourself a new look.

simple braids in long wavy hair

Sock Bun

You can use socks to style a bun. If you are creative enough, you can make yourself look mesmerizing by using it with the help of socks or piece of clothes. Put the sock around the ponytail and wrap all of the tail up! Sock bun is ready!

sock bn for long hair

Twist and Side Braid

Style a twist and proceed it to the side in the form of braid. It will appear amazing with the casual dresses. Also, you can carry it on the wedding ceremonial or any get-together.

twist and side braid for long har

Wedding Hairstyle

If you are supposed to attend your friend’s wedding, you do not really need to rush for the salons when you have an opportunity to make it yourself. Use bumps and curler! Here you go with the stunning wedding hairstyle.

wedding hairstyle for long hair

Select any of the ideas and start practicing it to have a command on it. Stay tuned for more amazing hairstyles for long hair. 😉