Celebrities Outfit Ideas and Looks from New York Fashion Week

Being a fashionista, you may want to follow your favorite celebrities. If you are a male, you might wish to track the attire worn mostly by the male stars. If you are a female, then you might want to follow the female celebrities. Also, you may try to read the reviews about the attire selection from magazines, which help you decide your choice, based on some reviews. Here’s an insight of celebrities outfit ideas and looks from New York Fashion Week, which might help you get an idea about the latest trends in men and women fashion.

Best Female Celebrity Costume Ideas from New York Fashion Week

For women, here are some beautiful outfits, which might help you reveal the inner beauty in you. New Yorker’s love the free styling, but fashion is your personality statement, so wear whatever you like.

New Yorker’s love casual wear, especially tops and skirts. They like wearing flats with their outfits. Women prefer frocks style skirts up to knees mostly. This attire is perfect for social gatherings and partying with friends.

casual tops and skirts

Women also wear slitted skirts with tops or t-shirts to have a casual attire. The outfit looks best when you want to look noticeable, especially on gatherings or get-togethers.  A lot of women love red heel sandals in the whole world.

white top with pink slitted skirt NYFW

For winters, women prefer wearing pumps with shorts, top, and overcoat. They also wear capris with casual shirts. Pump shoes are an ideal choice for white trousers, shorts, and capris.

Navy blue coat with black top and white capris

You might want to wear a jumpsuit with bottom looking like trousers. Red has always been the perfect color to wear. Jumpsuits are of many different styles, and the unique your jumpsuit is, the more different you’ll look.

Red Jumpsuit

If you want to attend a marriage ceremony or you wish to attend a formal event, then you can choose a long maxi with motif and beaded work. Pink is always enlightening and fresh for the eyes and nature.

Maxy with Motifs

A pair of jeans knickers might look beautiful with a stylish, white top. It enhances the color of your top and gives you a glowing appearance. It doesn’t matter, whether your shirt is white, or of any other color. Even the designing of the top doesn’t matter. What matters is the right combination of denim knickers with the right color top.

Jeans Knickers with With Top

Wearing a short top over skinnies is also in trend these days, especially when the outfit was being displayed at the New York Fashion Week, for the year 2015. Black leather boots always look beautiful with black skinnies.

Short top and skinny

Women are also seen wearing black leather skirt with short yankee T-shirt and matching bag. Such tiny thread-like structures give a bulky look at the edge of the skirt, thus making it more appealing. That’s how New York fashion week creates appeal for the fashion lovers.

yankee tshirt with leather skirt

New York Fashion Week 2015 also witnessed winter wear top, which was seen being worn with classy dark brown shoes and matching bag. Grey and Brown are always a good contrast, and if your shoes and accessories match your dress, then you are the perfectionist in fashion decision-making and implementation.

winter wear top

Women also wore long skirt up to feet at the fashion platform in New York for the year 2015. Long skirts are loved all over the world due to the reason that these slightly resemble with the long frocks when worn with tops.

long skirt up to feet

Best Male Celebrity Costume Ideas from New York Fashion Week

Men can also adopt a lot of styles from the outfit displays at the fashion week. Here are some ideas to grab the right attire for yourself.

Going all denim is always great because it shows your casualness to the whole world. A romper of denim stitched neatly, with pockets looks great with a casual denim shirt. You can wear a stylish casual P-cap. Hence New York fashion week brings all it on.

Denim romper with p - cap

Wearing skinnies with a dark v-neck top and a long front open shirt made of printed chiffon with shorter sleeves and an appealing cowboy hat gives you a great variety of fashion, worn all together. Rings and bracelet on both hands with trendy look and brown boots, give a deadly handsome look.

black skinnies with black top and chiffon overcoat

Men love to be sporty, so they prefer wearing trousers with a casual T-shirt and white sneakers. They also prefer to wear a contrasting P-cap mostly. Casual outfits look cool for summers and mild winters with sunny days.

casual tshirt with grey trousers

Many New York fashion week followers often prefer decent outfit, so they wear chino pants with a nice casual dress shirt and a skin fit sweater. White laced shoes are preferred mostly with such a getup. Black gives perfect shape to a man’s physique and has a classy impact on others.

casual black outfit

If you want summer getup, you can wear a combination of light colors. It is a known fact that darker colors absorb more heat than lighter colors, hence these are avoided in summers. Go for fresh colors of your choice and enjoy summers.

blue and pink outfit