15 Best and Stylish Shoes to Wear with Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Girls everywhere want to be dressed in the outfit that drags sights. Maxi is one of those outfits. Skirts are also preeminent in trendy wears. Nowadays, long skirts of patterned prints are in. Skirts can be worn with the plain as well as with the printed shirts.

To appear elegant, you can have fashionable footwears. Shoes to be worn can be of many types. They can be heels, coat shoes, cowboy shoes, flat floral sandals and strapped sandals with brooches, etc.

When you are selecting your shoes with the skirts, try to match them with the color of your shirt. If you are wearing printed skirt, you should go for plain shoes. If you are wearing the plain and simple skirt or maxi, then you should try floral or printed footwear.

High heels are not the main of Maxis; you can also try flats with shimmery brooches. To be funky, you can opt for long cowboy boots also. In winters, you can wear long shoes and in summers, you can wear bow-tie wedges. Moreover, you can have Nike or Adidas collection with skirts.

15 Great Ideas and Styling Tips on What Shoes to Wear with Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Following are some images to give project about ‘what to match with maxis and skirts’.

Printed Blue Sandals

Wear printed strapped blue sandal with blue skirts; it will look beautiful. Dark nail paints will enhance your beauty. To charm like more up-to-date, hold a textured handbag. And you will agree that a rough hairstyle is always a damn YES, to attract!

printed blue strapped sandals with blue skirt

Brown Long Boots

If you are wearing the skirts in winters, you should carry them with the dark brown long boots. Get the jewelry that is simple and metallic.


White Flat Sneakers

You can freak the best shoes to wear by having Flats of sneakers styled to look casual. Wearing a sandal with black maxi will make you appear informally attractive. Also, display a beaded necklace to show a style of your own.

white sneakers-with-black-maxi

Golden Nike Joggers and Brown Heels

You can go for golden Nike joggers and dark brown heels, always the best shoes to wear with the white and blue maxis. You can try dull colors in summers and dark colors in winters. Try the metallic jewelry.

nike sneakers and heels with white and blue maxi skirts

Light and Dark Colored Heels

High heels can be the best shoes to wear but make sure they are of dull and light colors. If you are to try a vibrant shirt, foot in vibrant heels. If your maxi is of faint color, then try the soft heels with it.

light and dark colored heels with maxi skirts

Black and Golden Strapped Shoes

A strap shoe is never a bad choice to show off with maxi or skirt. Try to wear dull colored strap wears as they always show decent and terrific with every color.


Light Strapped Heels

A dull colored strap shoe looks stunning with the dark pasty maxi. It will also sound pleasing with the floral skirt.


Transparent Footwears

Do you want to look classy? Display transparent footwear with the black high waisted pencil skirt. It will look different because it’s the combination of all the dark colors. Moreover, it is going to make you look freaking hot and absolute trendy!


Red Block Heels

You can look fantastic if your quest is for the best shoes to wear a red sandal. You can wear it with the off white skirt or a floral maxi. Moreover, hold a funky clutch to modify your appearance.


High Orange Heels

If you plan to rock in a black maxi, you can try it with the loud heels. Black and an orange combination will make you attractive. Wear a black skirt, orange heels and tie your hair and here you go.


Dark Blue Heels

If you want to look snappy, the best footwear to have can be breezy heels with dark blue maxi of a net. Wear a light blue shirt, select high dark blue funky strapped heels and you are ready to rock.


Mustard Toe Sandals

If you wish to look informal yet attractive, try the pencil heels in mustard yellow tone.


High Nude Heels

The royal blue combination is the most eminent of all the combinations in maxis. All you have to do is to show off your nude sandals.


Mustard Pencil Heels

You can display your mesmerizing appearance when you fit in the fur maxi with mustard footwear. These shoes can be upright also flat.


Bow Tie Shoes

You can appear tremendous in red and black bow tie shoes to wear with the Maxi.


So, now, you are pretty much aware of the collection of your footwear and hope you loved reading the article. Yes, this is what was meant to write on this particular topic. Hurry up! All these mix matches are waiting for you to shop them at the nearby outlet. Because once a young girl, always a young girl.