Best Indian Braid Hairstyles for Navratri that You Can Try

There are many Indian carnivals those are of immense significance, and Navratri is one of them. Navratri is an opportunity for you to style your hair like the way you want. Everyone has her choice; someone would like a bun to carry on Navratri; some of them would like to bear a plait. Braids are the most classic hairdo to carry on this commendable juncture. You can embellish your plait with jewels and decorative trinkets. Also, you can do a backcombing with it. Braids are of many types French braids, fishtail braids, simple braids jeweled with metallic or golden ornaments like Tika, Matha Patti, etc. If you have lengthy locks, you can easily get a braid that is protracted and impertinent! If you have medium-length hair, you can style them up for Navratri with the prop up of false braids and hair extensions.

Braid is one of the Indian traditional hairstyles, as the time passed by, they evolved into many beautiful and alluring types. They can be styled into the form of buns and twists. They can be covered with gems all over or with the fresh floral ornaments. Fresh floral head wears are customary yet striking to have on. You can effortlessly make braids as they no longer are complicated. If you have hair-styling accessories like hairsprays, pointed combs, curling rods and strengtheners, you can go for the paramount braids without any destitution.

15 Trendy and Gorgeous Braided Navratri Hairstyles for Indian Women

Since, Navratri is on the way, you should have some suggestions about your hairdo on the laudable juncture. You can effortlessly make these braids as they are not so complicated and time-consuming. If you yearn for appearing stylish on this worthy Navratri day, you can try the subsequent hairstyles with braids to put on Navratri. By styling your hair like the following, you can shake the floor! Scroll down to have some ideas about Indian braid hairstyles for Navratri.

If you want a superlative appearance, try this braid for this purpose! It’s a simple backcombed hairdo with a tika and side braid! It will serve for the ultimate hairstyle for Navratri.


A braid can be twisted over the head on the front like this. If you have small locks, you can grab fake one from the market and style it like this one. This hairstyle will seem graceful on the occasion.


The fishtail braid is also the best choice to wear. This hairstyle is so easily made. Curl your hair with the curling rod and make side fishtail plait. Loosen it with the help of the pointed comb.


You can use many accessories to wear on a braid, but fresh flowers are incompatible! Get some fresh yellow and white flowers and wrap them around your plait like this.


If you have short hair, you don’t need to worry at all! Just grab some artificial bumpers to put on your head or do backcombing to get a hair puff. Make a side plait!


Make a simple braid and cover it with the golden jewels in order seem germane to the occasion. Navratri means a chance to give the best impression! This long jeweled plait will help you in this regard.

gold jeweled braid for navratri

If you live in South-India and want to dress up in a perfect south Indian tradition, try this high puff with the fake plait covered in jasmine flowers. It will be the best Navratri hairstyle!


Do you have thin hair and desire to look glamorous? Try a fake plait as the Navratri hairstyle. Wrap it in a beaded mala. You will look different and splendid.

long braid with beads for navratri

Make a simple rope braid as a Navratri hairstyle. And on the front, section the hair and slightly curl them to get loose curls. Try the backcombing with it too!

long simple rope braid for navratri

Try a simple twist as a Navratri hairstyle! A side twist with the plain braid will look tremendous and enchanting. Additionally, add a splendor of fresh floral accessories.


A high updo will look terrific. Put your braid on one side and wrap it with the fake one. The fake one can be of any tone!


If you have thick curled hair, this Navratri hairstyle will suit you the best! Put a side twist and a plaited hairstyle. You don’t have to do any backcombing with this hairstyle.


If you want to stay simple yet gorgeous, open your hair up and make a braid at the end. Or if you have thin hair, grab a false extension to get this hairstyle.


If you desire to look stunning in a braid, hold the braid and wrap it around the top of your head. Put some jewels like Matha Patti on your head to look mesmerizing.


Try this twisted braid bun with your Navratri apparel! This hairstyle is one of the best Navratri hairstyles. You can easily make it without any complicated use of accessories.


The article gave you many suggestions about Navratri hairstyles! Try them at home without wasting a lot of money on the salons and beauty parlors. So, try these to appear tremendous on Navratri.