Awesome Blue Nail Art Designs and Ideas for Every Occasion

Do you aspire to wear some inspiring nail art designs? Why paying for them, when you can do this by yourself. This article will be proven a whole bag of tricks for the awesome blue nail art designs and ideas for every occasion. Why go for blue? Blue is the most trendy color nowadays. So, explore all avenues to get these awesome designs. Before trying them, grab the nail art tool kit and be ready for a new look of your nails.

You can get the street style, fancy, graffiti and edged forms with the blue shades of Nail paints, nail art tools, and decals. Cobalt nail colors can be mixed with various dark and light shades to get a new diverse look. Blue nail art with golden or silver can add splendor to your appearance. So, shape up your nails with these best blue nail art ideas, grab some azure nail prints, nail art tools and you conquered the game.

15 Super Cool Blue Nail Art Designs You Can Do Yourself At Home

You can endeavor this light ocean pastel color on your nails. Add more beauty and use silver glitter gel over them. Keep one nail in pasty tone. Others in light blue, one in golden or silver glitter gel. This art will look splendid in summers.

light-blue-and golden nail-art

You can get the best print without doing much effort. All you have to do is to use a matte Sapphire polish with the widespread green tinsel gel. It will seem appealing in winters as it consists of all the dark shades. Try this simple yet endearing art too.


Get the cerulean nail paint and ready to sail through it by using a drawing brush, shiny flecks, and white shade. It will look sensational. You can also draw a cross-hatch pattern over the blue base as a modification in design.


The blue cutex can endeavor with the golden glitter gel and white paint. So, if you wish to have a graceful look, try this out.


If you want your nails to look abstemious and sober, try this design out. This polka dotted art looks beautiful and doesn’t need much of your effort for a perfect nail art. You need tools to give finishing and neatness.


A simple French manicure can be modified by drawing these blue floral designs over. It doesn’t take time and yet looks wonderful. Endeavor this design in summers as it gives a cooler effect to eyes. It will make your appearance sparkling in an instant.


This royal art-studded with the golden and white pearls displays the preeminent blue nail art. It’s probably the hottest of all the nail arts. As it consists of stickers and rhinestones, so it will not consume your much time.

blue rhinestone nail art design

This simple and easy art will give you an enchanting look. It’s nothing complicated but a display of azure and silver glitter gel.


Try this navy shaded paint with golden floral design over it. These golden decorative stickers are very easily obtainable. You can also do so with the aid of golden color.

floral matte-blue-and-golden-nail-art

Try out this matte cerulean paint with a smaller proportion of pink and white to look just fabulous. It will give a funky yet classy touch. It best suits on square shaped nails.


Do you want to wear a cobalt blue paint on the Christmas occasion? If so, this nail art will help you in this regard. For giving a trendy look, draw a snowflake on it.


Try this classy blue painting with a flush of golden glitters. It will make you attention-grabbing. Also, it is not so time-consuming. These small golden specks will make your hands sparkle.

navy-blue-with gold glitters nail-art-design

By the use of three shades of blue polish and white paint, try this appealing blue edged print to become voguish. As an innovation, you can add some glitters to this.

sea-blue-with white-nail-art-design

If you are fond of a classic floral paint, this will just go with your choice of a trendy and classy cerulean print. Grab two shades of blue paint, and a white one, some golden iotas and the nail prints toolkit. Here you go!!! Additionally, wear traditional rings with stones to make your hands a pleasant sight.

white-and-blue-studded-nail art design

This winter print always seems heart warming, keep the base plain, and draw the snowflakes on it.

winter-snowflake-blue-nail-art design

The article suggested you 15 ideas to escape yourself from dull nail arts. You can easily wear them for any occasion formal or informal as they are not so intricate to draw. So, start living out these straightforward and uncomplicated cobalt arts to make your hands look gratifying. Stay tuned to for more ideas.