20 Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls

Hairstyles is no doubt the most necessary part of your party preparations. You can get a nice hairstyle in minutes. If you have a few hairstyling tools with you, you just have to know the right way of styling. You can easily style your hair using easy techniques. If you are searching for your daughter’s hairstyle, you are at the right place! If she has shiny straight thin hair, you can make them beautiful by getting useful little girl hairstyle ideas.

If your little one has long healthy hair, it would be easier to get a perfect style for her hair. If your little girl has short hair, it would be fun to create a beautiful style of it. You do not need any extensions on her hair, but right suggestions to make her look like a princess. If you have a collection of hairbands or hairpins and the good ideas to make her look more cute and adorable, you are almost there! Have a look on the following images and get her ready to appear more than adorable.

Latest Little Girl Hairstyles for Short and Long Hair

Following are the useful ideas suggesting you some simple and easy hairstyles for little girls.

3 Twists Side Pony

Style 3 braids and grab them to opposite direction and make a twist. Now make the pony of remaining. Straighten the remaining and the best style for your little girl is ready. You can blow dry it as well!

3 twists side pony hairstyle for little girl

Weave Hairdo

This one is one of the cute little girl hairstyles with weave. Style plaits of your girl’s hair and take them above her head to make two ponytails of her curled hair. Either make a pony or a bun, it will appear appealing with the braids.

cute little girl hairstyle with weave

Ponytail with Braids

Style three twists on the front part of head. Make braids of it. Style a side pony and join the braids with the pony. Use bows to tie the braids with pony and it’s all done!

braids and ponytail hairstyle for little girls

Braids with Side Bun

Braids with bun is probably the best combination to try on her. Separate the hair and make thin plaits at both the sides. Now style buns at both the sides and your little girl is ready with the best hairstyle.

braided bun hairstyle for cute little girls

Bubble Ponies

It’s the easiest one and needs a comb to slacken the braids on both the sides. Build two braids at both the sides and slacken them using pointed comb and one of the best little girl hairstyles for school is ready.

bubble braids little girl hairstyle for school

Bun with Bow

Style the high bun using back combing technique. You can use artificial bumps to make this bun if your little one has thin hair. Use funky bands to tie them together.

little girl bun with bow hairstyle for party

French Ponytail

Take all the hair down and start making a French braid. Make it to the top of head and tie the remaining ones. Now, use iron rods to give curls. It’s all done!

curled french ponytail for little girls

Fishtail Braids

Style fishtail braids at both the sides and start using straightener over the braids. Now slacken it and leave the ends inside the bands to give her the unique look. The perfect little girl hairstyle for long hair is ready to stun.

little girl fishtail braids for long hair

Wavy Hair Styling

If your girl has wavy hair, you can make them mesmerizing using the simple technique. Make the braid using pointed comb. Take one lock and hold it, now grab another one and go for giving it a zigzag flow. Leave the rest and it’s done!

cute little girl waterfall braid for wavy hair

High Updo

Does your girl posses straight thin hair? You can style a high updo of it. Take all the hair above and leave the front part. Tie the bun with the funky hairbands and one of the cute little girl hairstyles with bangs is ready!

high updo hairstyle with bangs for little girls

Holiday Hairdo

Christmas is not more far away, so you should have ideas to style your little girl’s hair! You need to do the slight backcombing. Leave the remaining and tie the green and red bands to make her style most germane to the occasion.

holiday christmas hairstyle for little girls

Mohawk with Bubble French Braid

Build a simple French braid in her straight hair. Now use pointed comb to slacken it from forehead to ponytail. The best one is all set. She can wear it with the casual dresses as well as with the fancy apparels.

little girl mohawk hairstyle with bubbles

Pageant Hairstyles

Make her ready to win the beauty pageant using this technique. Use bumps or extensions to style this one. If she is having her birthday ceremonial, get her ready this way using a crown and a fairy dress!

little girl pageant hairdo for birthday party

Partial French Plait

If she has short straight thin hair, go for this hairdo for her. Build the French braid and do not take it to the end. Leave it in the middle and here your daughter goes with the best hairstyle.

partial french braid for cute little girls

Simple Curly Hairs

Curl it and tie the light summer bands on her head. It will appear most striking in spring. Leave her hair open and curl it using the rods. One of the best wavy hairstyles for little girls is ready!

pretty curly little girl hairdo for long hair

Simple Bob Hairstyle

Get your star kid a bob haircut as it’s the most famous among kids these days. You just need to get finishing with the straightener and it’s all done with the cute little girl hairstyle for short hair!

summer short bob hairstyle for little girls

Tied Hairs

Tie it up using the bands after doing the backcombing. Your mesmerizing little girl is ready to rock! She can carry this hairdo either with the casual outfit or with the fancy one!

simple tied hairstyle for little girls

Wedding Hairstyle

On weddings, your little girl ought to look different than her friends and cousins. So, try this style on her to make her more gorgeous and striking. The one of the cute little girl hairstyles for wedding is ready to rock!

cute little girl hairstyle for wedding function

Bridesmaid Hairdo

You can try bridesmaid hairstyle on any wedding ceremonial. You can use silver or golden brooch for this purpose. Straighten the hair and tie it in the following way. The adorable little girl bridesmaid hairstyle is ready to stun.

bridesmaid wedding hairstyle for little girls

Zigzag Ponytail

The ponytail hairstyles are one of the simplest among others. If your girl has thick straight hair, you can try this one easily. Use bands to tie the pony in the following way i.e. One above another and it’s all done!

new zigzag ponytail hairstyle for little girls