20 Awesome Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

“Her piercing green eyes bore into my very soul leaves me wanting more” Such omnipotent the green eyes are! Why not making them more beautiful?

Your eyes reflect your soul and your personality! Eyes are the window to the soul; they define your inner! You can beautify them to make your personality more sparkling and stunning one. You don’t need any long struggle to beautify your eyes in this era of technology advancement.

Since Christmas is on the door, you should have ideas about your ensembles and makeovers. If you have not planned your eye makeover yet, you are at the right place at right time! An eye makeover demands neatness and an idea for its completion, and this article will give you the ideas regarding best eye makeup for green eyes.

Having green eyes is indeed a pleasure and a blessing. If you have green eyes, you have a treasure with you that needs decor. Do you know there are many ways you can make your green eyes more appealing using simple techniques and ideas? Yea, you can do a beautiful makeover using a single brush and a color! How is it possible? Have a look at the following tips and tricks to get your answer and try them to be a perfectionist at eye makeover. Scroll down to the treasure of 20 awesome makeup ideas for green eyes.

Autumn Makeup

If you have a single shade palate with you, you can end up with this appealing makeover! All you need is a blending brush and you are done with the best one. Make it the winged one as an innovation! :)

Make sure to start over with the base neatly made!

autumn makeup for green eyes

Bronze Eyes

For Bronze dark brown eye-do for green eyes, you need to have light brown and golden shades with you. Use the blending techniques and end up with the perfectly winged liner.

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bronze dark brown eye makeup

Chocolate Shades

A chocolate makeover suits the best on green ogles! You can perfectly make them beautiful using your creativity with the blend of these ideas! Just put the shades and blend them all neatly. Finish with the fake lashes to make your work more engaging.

chocolate brown makeover for green eyes

Dark Makeover

You can proceed for a dark makeover if you are supposed to make your green ogles more prominent. It will demand a lot of practice, though! Put the black shades under and above the lids to get this one.

dark eye makeover for green eyes

Gold Highlighted Makeup

Golden shade highlights your eyes and looks fantastic indeed! Gold with a stroke of blue appears incredible. This combination suits the best on light green ogles which again makes your green eye special!

gold highlighted makeover

Grey Makeover

Use grey glittery shades to get this mesmerizing eye-do! Spread pale yellow as the base and then put grey shimmers outward in the form of a wing. Finish the eye-do with a perfect winged liner and here you go with the best one.

grey eye makeover for green eyes

Leaf Green

Leaf green appears the most fine-looking with the particular shade. Sketch the leafy liner and fill it all with the emerald specks all over! Stunning one is ready to rock!

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leaf green makeover for green eye

Smokey Eye

Here comes the most mainstream and mandatory eye-do that suits olive ogles the most! Smokey one emerges as the most pretty and hot makeover. You can easily get it done with the help of a brush and a palette of smokey shades. Concentrate on the procedure and you are done with the best one.

light smoky eye makeup for green eyes

Minimal Makeover

You can get the perfect eye do with a minimal amount of shades over the lid. All you need is an idea that can make you emerge with the flabbergasting appearance. Just make use of the mascara with white and gold shimmers!


Mauve Eye Makeover

The mauve makeover on the olive ogles appears stunning. Use your mind to make these concepts that appear mesmerizing. Use mauve or purple with a stroke of silver to get this done.

mouve eye makeover for green eyes

A blend of Purple and Green

Again we have a concept! Concepts don’t only work in literature, but they can be tried in the form of shades combinations! Go for this purple and muddy green enchanting makeover and stun!

purple and green makeoverfor green eyes

Rose Smokey Green Eye

Apply rose shades at the outer corner with a blend of golden to make your emerald ogles shine more! How it’s done? Use a darker base and spread dark shadows over the lids. Give a finishing using liner and fake lashes.

rose smoky green eye

Rosy Blending

You can use a rose shadow with the light base too! Try blending rose with the light golden and you are done with the glamorous makeover!

rosy eye makeover for green eyes

Shimmers All Over

Shimmers appear amazing on every eye color but the one that suits mostly with the olive ogles is the light olive shimmer with a stroke of grey and black. Put black and grey at the edges and blend. Give a stroke of olive shimmers at the end in the mid of lid!

shimmery makeover for green eyes

Silver Eye Do

Use the combination of silver with blue to get the best result! Use the darker shade of blue to get a flawless makeover.

silver makeup for green eyes

Simple Eye Do

Just like the minimal eye-do, we can also have a simple one with the use of golden and rose shadows. It doesn’t demand hours and hours in its completion but a little bit of blending practice!

simple makeover for green eyes

Spooky Eye Makeover

Start with the simple procedure but limit it to the upper lid! For the under eye thing, use a bit dark shadow to give a spooky appearance and wear it on the Halloween. You can use dark shadows above the lids too!

smoky makeover for green eyes

Tinker-Bell Eye Do

Disney characters are not the only beautiful ones to carry beautiful makeovers! You can also be the one by using simple techniques. Use light green and golden to get your best possible attractive appearance.

the green fairy eye makeover

Light Green Shades

Try bottle green and only bottle green in this one to get the best result! You can try it in summers as it gives a cool effect! Do not forget to put the liner in a right way!

tinkerbell eye makeover for green eyes

White Minimal Eye Do

White minimal shades can be applied easily at the edges to get the best possible results. And that’s not something difficult to do as it requires a little effort but a lot of practice!

white simple makeover for green eyes