18 Gorgeous Eye Makeup Tutorials Step By Step

Do you desire your eyes to be sparkling and enduring? Fashionspick brings to you the most easy step by step eye makeup tutorials to make your eyes appear appealing and eye-catching. The merit of having a whole eye makeup range is that you can do a simple as well as fancy makeover on them and on every occasion.

If you have big eyes, you are blessed and you need a very little touch over them, still if you have got small eyes, you can make them look bigger and beautiful by using your creativity blended with ideas we suggest to you. They vary in shade. They can be light brown, hazel, garnet (deep red), etc.

Your eyes reflect your personality, they behold the world. They mirror your soul so they should be perfectly decorated with the modern makeover techniques. Eyes look alluring in every color. Your eyes are the main of your personality. You can easily attract sights if you have perfectly drawn hypnotizing eyes.

Having a range of eye shades and liners means you have many opportunities to try every color contrast over them. You can wear a simple winged eyeliner over them; you can do a smokey black makeover on your dazzling beautiful eyes. Indeed, your eye makeup changes your whole appearance.

If you are well-dressed in a tremendous attire, wearing the gorgeous shoes but missing an impressive eye makeup, you will lose the opportunity to look completely flawless. If you are searching for gorgeous eye makeup tutorials step by step, you are at the right place. So, scroll down and get a treasure of amazing makeup ideas and looks for your beautiful eyes. :)

Black and Gold

If you have a single shade palate with you, you can end up with this appealing makeover! All you need is a blending brush and you are done with the best one. Make sure to start over with the white base neatly made, blend it all and end up with the eyeliner! Use kajal to give a flawless appeal.


Coral Eye Shadow

Use baby pink on your small eyes to make them look appealing. A coral pink makeover suits the best on green ogles! You can perfectly make them beautiful using your creativity with the blend of these ideas! Just put the shades and blend them all neatly. Finish with the fake lashes to make your work more engaging. End up with the black touch at outward ends!


Diva Green with Glitters

Highlight your green eyes using this idea. Dark green glittery shade highlights your eyes and looks fantastic indeed! Green with a stroke of black appears beguiling. This combination suits the best on brown ogles which again makes your green eye special and hypnotizing!


Flawless Cat Eyes

Use simple liner to get this enchanting eye-do! Spread white as the base and then put brownish shadow outward in the form of a wing. Finish the eye-do with a perfect winged liner and here you go with the mesmerizing one!


Glitters All Over

Here comes the most unique and different yet dazzling eye-do that suits brown ogles the most! Golden one emerges as the most pretty and hot makeover. You can easily get it done with the help of a brush and a palette of shimmers. Concentrate on the procedure and you are done with the best one.


Glittery Blue with Black

You can use a light blue shadow with the light base to get this night sky eye makeup! Try blending blue with black and you are done with the glamorous, spell bounding makeover!


Shimmering Silver Eye Makeup

Silver shimmers can be applied easily at the edges to get the minimal yet beautiful makeover. And that’s not something difficult to do as it requires a little effort and practice!


Perfect Smokey Eyes

We can have a simple smokey one with the use of brown and black. It doesn’t demand hours and hours in its completion but a little bit of blending practice! Start with the base and be done with the steps below to get the required result.


Makeup for Green Eyes

A simple kajal can give you the required result! Blending kajal with black shades appear amazing on every eye color but mostly with the olive ones. Put black and grey at the edges and blend. Give a stroke of golden plain shade at the end in the mid of lid!


Pop Blue Eyes

Apply black at the outer corner with a blend of white to make your eye shine more! Use a lighter base and spread dark shadows over the lids. Give a finishing using liner and fake lashes. Use white at the inner corner!

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Prom Eye Makeover

You can do a prom makeover with mauve color. The mauve makeover on the eyes appears stunning. Use your mind to make these concepts that appear mesmerizing. Use mauve or purple with a stroke of mint green to get this done. Use mint at the inner corner and mauve at the outer.


Red and Gold Addiction

Here we have the most enchanting combination that suits everyone! Red and gold combo emerges as the most pretty and sultry makeover. You can easily get it done with the help of a brush and a palette of bright shades. Go step by step on the procedure and you will end up the best makeover.


Rust and Black Combo

Try another beautiful combo of rust and black to get the mind blowing result! You can try it in winters as it gives a hot effect! Put the liner in a right way at the end!


Black Shimmers

You can proceed for a dark grim makeover if you are supposed to make your eyes more prominent. It will demand a lot of practice, though! Put the black shades under and above the lids to get this one. Use silver in the middle and blend at both corners.


Gloomy Eye Makeup

Leaf shape appears the most fine-looking with the particular shade. Sketch the leafy liner and fill it all with the emerald specks all over! Stunning one is ready to rock! End the eye-do by spreading golden shimmers.


Smooth Smokey Eye Shadow

For elegant and simply decent eye-do, you need to have light brown and pallid shade with you. Use your blending skills and end up with the perfectly winged liner.


Sparkling Eye Makeup

Shiny shades appear amazing on every eye color but the combo of blue, red and black makes your eyes more appealing. Put black and grey in the form of arch and blend. Give a stroke of liner that is perfectly winged. You are done.


Sultry Golden Eye Makeup

This one surely goes the best in winters. Start with the simple procedure that is golden base! For the under eye thing, use a bit dark shadow to give a spooky appearance and wear it in winters. You can use dark shadows above the lids too!