15 Casual Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Are you tired of old styling methods and desire something new? Give a look to this article and gather some useful tips about hairstyling. It’s not a big deal to style your hair up nowadays as we have many new methods of styling. If you have coiled locks, you can go for a high updo!

Just like your eyes, your hairstyle reflects your elegance. The hairstyle defines one’s personality. If you have a party ahead, the first thing that strikes your mind is hairdo. In this era of technology, styling your locks is nothing such difficult. You can straighten it or can go for a blow dry simply.

Long hair has its charm that is not deniable! It’s always in the trend as it can be transformed into any uncommon style. With your long hair, you can conquer hearts by making different, beautiful and chic styles out of them. If you are invited at the wedding party, take a glance on the following wedding hairstyles that are so easy to style! You can make buns, curl the hair or backcomb etc. You can proceed to have high buns too. In winters, you can go for a braided hairstyle for your long hair! It is the treasure to have indeed.

Did you ever know how you can embellish your long tresses with luxury all over it? You can fashion it the way every girl fancies! On weddings, it can be given a traditional and customary or contemporary appearance in many forms like buns, braids, etc. but the most superlative among them all is a bun. A bun with loosely styled braid suits everyone. If you have straight hair, it will appear astounding; if it is wavy, it will look compelling and gripping, and if it is coiled, it will appear alluring and fascinating! Have a look at the 15 casual wedding hairstyles for long hair.

Perfect Backcombed Hairdo

Backcombing gives the best casual bride hairdo and is the most trendy and beautiful styles to have on. If you are desiring the best bridal appearance, this will entertain you in this regard. A perfect hairdo for long hair is ready to stun!


Bun in Long Hair

Thick long hair is indeed a treasure possession. If you are blessed with this particular hair type, try twisted bun on your wedding. It will be a pleasure to carry this hairstyle on your wedding as it appears beautiful with bridal dress.


Braided Casual Hairdo

You can style a messy hairdo on your wedding day. You don’t need any backcombing for the purpose as it appears beautiful without any backcombing but with a side twist. Try this one as it’s the most easiest wedding bridal hairstyle yet looks appealing and casual.


Curls and Front Twist

Did you know, you can give a totally new look to you on your wedding? Try this hairstyle in your long hair and go for a unique look. You can give a slight backcombing at the back of your head and then twist the front locks as shown in the image. Leave the remaining and go for loose curls. The perfect hairdo for long thin hair is ready to make you a stunning bride.


Double Braided Hairstyle

If you have thick hair, it’s a treasure. You can easily try it out on your wedding. Try this one by making a simple braid and a fishtail. Tie the remaining and the perfect style is ready to make you look adorable. You can also check out classic hairstyles for short thin hair.


Twisted Wedding Hairdo

If you are supposed to be a bride sooner, this article would be of great help. You do not really need to waste more of your time when we have the best style for you. Try this one for lengthy but thin locks and you will be the most beautiful bride.


Fishtail Side Plait

Style a fishtail side plait and slacken it. It will appear amazing with the long cocktail wedding dress. Also, you can carry it with a high updo. You can also see natural remedies for fast hair growth.


High Updo

Try the high updo at your wedding as it seems beautiful. Make a updo and do not leave any hair. You are done with the one of the latest wedding hairstyles for long hair.


High Bun

Use your thick long hair for the purpose as it appears striking. If you have wavy hair, this one will suit you the best. Make a updo and leave remaining tresses at the side. You are done with the amazing hairdo. Try this time saving style!


Front Wide Plait

Front wide plait appears beautiful and appealing with long cocktail and it suits everyone. Plaits with buns are the most neat and attractive among all the hairdos for long hair as casual hairstyles for wedding.


Loose Curls

Loose curls will look gripping and enthralling with the long hair! Try this hairstyle in your long hair as it doesn’t require any effort. It is the easiest of all yet appears mesmerizing. Also, take a glance at Cute ponytail hairstyles for lengthy locks.


Perfect Curls

This one seems to be the one of the best easy hairstyles for brides to carry. It’s the easiest and straight forward way instead! It can be carried if you have thick locks.


Pinned Up Hairdo

Is your wedding near? You do not have to worry about your hairstyle when we have the best ideas for you. You don’t need any backcombing. Go for this perfect pin up hairstyle as it appears remarkable on the gorgeous bride.


Side Braid and Bun

Try this amalgamation of braid and messy bun. This one seems to be the best messy casual bridal hairstyle. It’s the simplest and straight forward way instead!


Side Loose Bun

Loose bun always seems beautiful when you are a western bride. The abstemious hairstyle suits everyone as it is the effortless and prettiest among all the above.