15 Best Liquid Eyeliner Styles for Big Eyes

Do you want to wear a perfect eyeliner style with your liquid eyeliner? Read the following and you will know how to wear eyeliner for big eyes!

Just like your hairstyle and the way you carry your attire, you need your eye makeup to be perfectly made up. Eye makeover defines one’s personality. If you have a party ahead, the first thing that strikes your mind is hairdo but then comes the idea of an appealing eye makeover. In this modern time, we have many ways to do our makeover without any intricacy. See… for the perfect eye makeovers!

An eye makeover is definitely nothing without the liner! Are you tired of using old traditional dry liners that need a lot of effort? Try something new! You can easily use liquid one with no difficulty. Give a look to this article and gather some useful tips about makeover. It’s not a big deal to do your makeover nowadays as we have many new methods of putting eyeliner. If you have small eyes, you can go for a bold liner and vice versa. This will make your small eyes look bigger with eyeliner.

You can easily handle your liquid or marker eyeliner. For big eyes, you can wear a winged liner to conquer hearts by making different, fine-looking and elegant styles out of it. Try the following liquid eyeliner styles for your perfect appearance and be the sight-grabbing among all your friends. Scroll down to get 15 best liquid eyeliner styles for big eyes.

Adele’s Winged Eyeliner

Winged liners are most trendy and beautiful styles to have on. All you need to do is to hold your marker eyeliner and start drawing it the following way! Use light shimmers to highlight the liner.


Basic Liner Style

If you have big eyes, try this basic liner on them. It will be the easiest to draw. It appears beautiful with every dress. You can wear it casually as it is simple and elegant.


Bold Black Gold Liner

If you have almond eyes its a blessing you are possessed with! You can easily try this style of liners using your liquid eyeliner! Try this one by using golden as the base. It needs to be done exquisitely!


Double-up Winged Eyeliner

Winged liners seem beautiful of all. You can neatly make it focusing the following way. You just need to have a practice in holding the brush and you are done! End up with fake lashes for a perfect appearance.


Classic Dramatic Liner

Classic wide one style appears beautiful and appealing on small as well as wide eyes. It is the most easiest of all. You can easily draw it focusing the image below.


Egyptian Liner

The most unique of all! The most difficult to draw. You can simply use your marker liquid to draw it as it can not be done with brushes. It indeed appears chic and somehow, different.


Everyday Eyeliner

You can style this everyday casual liner if you are supposed to leave for office! It’s the best thing to wear if you are in hurry! You don’t need any practice for this one. Try this one as it’s the most easiest of all yet looks appealing.


Feline Eyeliner

Did you know, you can give a totally new look to yourself? Yeah! it’s easy! You can give your eyes a unique look hooding your eye with this feline eyeliner. It’s the perfect one for big eyes.


Hooded Eyes with Drama Eyeliner

Use your creativity and draw the classic one to make yourself appear astounding. If you have a liquid one, this one will prove to be the best. It is not time consuming still helps you look stunning.


Luxe Styled Liner

Spread the ink on half of your eyelids to get this one. You can give it a glossy appearance by using the golden or silver bases. You can also go through how to fill in eyebrows like a pro.


Pin up Liner

You can give yourself an enchanting appearance by trying this pin-up liner style. Draw it as the way in the image. This one is the best to carry on wedding occasions. End up using fake eyelashes!


Simple Thin Liner

Draw a simple line on the eyelid and start making it deep. It will appear amazing with the casual dresses. Also, you can carry it on the wedding ceremonial or any get-together. Try it with the deep mascara and dark eye-shades!


Stargazer Neon Liquid Liner

You can make your eyes spell casting using this simple technique of drawing liquid liner. You can carry this one casually as it appears enchanting and enhances your beauty.


Thick Edged Liner

Give yourself an elegant look by trying this type of eyeliner styles. Draw it as the way shown in the image. This one is the best to carry on occasions like promenade with long prom dresses. End up using fake eyelashes!


Perfect Cat Eyeliner

Cat eyeliner appears mesmerizing and appealing on big eyes. It is the most simplest of all. You can easily draw it focusing the image below.


The article gave you ideas regarding eye makeover and liquid eyeliner tips and tricks. Follow these tips and styles and be the stunning one. Stay updated! :)